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Why Choose Us?


This is Performance Therapy. 


If you're looking for a quiet, zen experience, this isn't it. We move a lot. We sweat lot. We will get you back in action!


Gone are the ways days of being a passive recipient of physical therapy on your path back to action. We go all in for our patients and expect you will do the same.


How Can We Help?


The PT Revolution team brings decades of experience to the table and the only Board-Certified Sports Physical Therapist in the Tahoe Basin. Through an innovative approach blending rehab techniques with strength and conditioning strategies, we drive results that are unparalleled.

See the Difference!


Let's face it...nobody wants to go to physical therapy. Not to worry though, we don't take it personally.


We're here because you've got parts that are busted up, broken down, or worn out. We get it. It sucks. 

It's also par for the course when you decide to make the most out of this one-shot we get at life.

PT Revolution leverages team-based care so every patient gets the most comprehensive and effective treatment and plans to return to action. 

We love our patients but we really don't want you hanging around here.


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