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Performance Coach

Gabe began his training journey as an athlete. Once he saw how much performance coaching changed his life and opened doors he knew he wanted to give this gift to others. He later played rugby at Penn State University and for the U-17/U-20 national team while studying kinesiology. During his playing career, Gabe also worked with the strength and conditioning staff at Penn State and coached athletes in nearly every sport, from football to golf. 


Prior to joining PT Revolution, Gabe ran the personal training department for Balance Gym, which was voted DC’s #1 gym several years in a row. While at Balance, he trained clients from all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels, including a top-10 ranked triathlete, competitive weightlifters, Michelin chefs, expecting and postpartum mothers, youth athletes, retired folks, and everyone in between.


In addition to these experiences, he also served as the director of strength and conditioning for a local high school rugby team, helping lead them to multiple national championships. 


Gabe's goal of training is to reveal inner strength and physical enlightenment for each client. He believes that everyone has the power to be great as well as control their own destiny. Gabe teaches his clients that self-control and fortitude are the means to overcome emotional destruction and failure. One of the quotes he embodies when coaching is “if a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favorable", meaning that having a goal is the first step on each of our journeys to personal greatness.


What drew Gabe to Tahoe was a culture dedicated to living with nature and the outdoors. A lifestyle that feels uniquely earned by weathering the storms to experience the most beautiful winters and summers that exist. Outside of the gym you can catch Gabe on the beach or a hike with his dogs, on a paddleboard, on the golf course, on the mountain, or outside at a brewery. Also quite the home chef, Gabe's family has close ties to Italy which keep his kitchen full of fresh pasta, bread, cannoli and negroni's. 

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