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Physical Therapist

Jen is a dynamic physical therapist with a doctorate from the University of St Augustine.  She brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to her practice.  Originally from Philadelphia, she infuses her work with a unique blend of grit and charm.  In addition to her expertise in working with mountain and recreational athletes of all ages, she has experience in Active Release Techniques and extensive manual therapy knowledge from her doctorate program at St Augustine.  She has a passion for coaching fitness classes and dynamic yoga sessions that add depth to her holistic approach to wellness.  As a certified yoga teacher she has led classes in all types of yoga from restorative to dynamic vinyasa.  She is also a fitness coach at Tahoe Fit in Tahoe City and has led workshops and injury screenings for clients to take charge of their own health and performance.

Outside of work Jen enjoys all the Tahoe activities, skiing, hiking, biking, wakesurfing and has recently gotten into fly fishing which she hopes to one day do with her son, Jordan.  She also loves waterskiing behind her 1986 Prostar, driving around in her Samurai with the top off and cheering for while complaining about any Philly sports team.  A margarita is of course acceptable in any circumstance!

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