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Co-founder & Physical Therapist, Director of Rehab

After spending eight years as a ski patroller at Sierra at Tahoe and enjoying the Tahoe lifestyle with his wife Dawn, he followed his passion for movement-based medicine and earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Chapman University. 

He has worked in several performance-based facilities where he learned to blend the world of physical therapy and performance coaching. His philosophy is to identify movement dysfunctions and address them through manual intervention and corrective exercise in order to allow them to get back outside to do what they love. He also enjoys coaching clients to develop specific training plans to help them perform at their highest level.

Justin considers himself a well-rounded guy by most definitions: he owns a cat, sports a dapper beard, and drinks whiskey. When not at PT Revolution, he can be found mountain biking and hiking in the summer and fall. During winter, he will be somewhere on a skin track looking for freshies on his splitboard!

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